Recent Posts to Protorial from Our Bevy of Site Authors

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What is Protorial?

Protorial is a community of bloggers who convene in one place to inspire each other to decency, kindness, and paying it forward.

Homeless people (outdoor neighbors), single mothers, the guy behind us on the toll bridge, the person stranded on the side of the road, co-workers, and even our own family members. No one is immune to kindness from a stranger. These are the thoughts and stories that inspire us.

If you have been the giver or recipient of kindness we want to hear about it...especially if you can say it in a way that makes us cry or inspires us to action.

One rule: No "instead of" phrases. For example, it's okay to say "nice to see someone being kind" but it's not okay to add "instead of being a jerk". Now, inspire us!